5 Easy Fall Outfits for Every Occasion

Without fail, I start craving my best fall outfits by the time mid-September rolls around. And this year is no exception. Nothing beats the first few crisp fall days when it's finally cold enough to throw on your favorite fall sweaters and boots. But knowing what to wear for fall can be easier said than done. The perfect fall outfit needs to strike just the right balance between comfort, warmth, and this year's biggest fall fashion trends. So to help you create your best cold-weather wardrobe ever, I've rounded up a few versatile fall outfits for every occasion.   These 5 easy fall outfits can be worn anywhere, any time.   Everyday Not ready to give up loungewear just yet? Me either. This fall, I'm elevating my typical jeans and a [...]

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The Best-Dressed Emmy Nominees of 2021

In my opinion, the best-dressed award show nominees are the ones that look equally as stylish on and off the screen. There's something magical about seeing actors and actresses transform from characters on my TV to Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Between their acting skills and their stylish red carpet looks, these fashionable actors and actresses stand out both on the small screen and IRL for all the right reasons. Below, I've rounded up my picks for the best-dressed Emmy nominees at the upcoming 2021 Emmy Awards Show. Be sure to follow my YouTube channel and watch my upcoming segment on Great Day Washington airing Monday 9/20/2021 to hear my full review of this year's Emmys red carpet looks. Below, I'm handing out awards for the best-dressed Emmy nominees of [...]

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What to Wear on a Date (Since They’re a Thing Again)

There's one thing I'm truly looking forward to as the world slowly but surely returns to normal: dates. One thing I'm not looking forward to is having to decide what to wear on a date. Choosing the perfect date outfit can feel like more of a daunting task than actually going on the date. The best outfit for a date depends largely on where you're going and what you're planning to do. While you'll certainly want to look your best, you'll also want to pick something practical for the setting and activity. You'd much rather spend the date getting lost in your potential BF's eyes than getting distracted by slipping bra straps and impractical footwear. But deciphering what outfit you should wear on a date can be easier said than done. [...]

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Fall 2021 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear Forever

The past year has undoubtedly changed the way I dress, and I'm sure it's changed the way you do too. After spending most of last year in stretch pants, it feels wrong to go back to the uncomfortable and often impractical clothing we were wearing before. While I've certainly enjoyed getting dressed in "real clothes" again, the outfits I've been picking out feel more easy-going. These days I find myself choosing boyfriendy button-up shirts over frilly blouses and lived-in Levi's 501s instead of skintight skinny jeans. I'm also thinking about the social, economic, and environmental impacts of my wardrobe. Why waste your money on low-quality fast fashion pieces and short-lived trends when you can support your favorite local boutiques and fill your closet with clothes you want to keep forever? That's why [...]

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How to Wear White Boots for Spring

Just like having a pair of black ankle boots as a staple in your closet, white ankle boots can be too! Since we love affordable fashion, we found these white boots by Steve Madden that will look great with all these looks. So take a seat back, grab your coffee (or wine!) and scroll through some insta-worthy looks to pair with your white boots for fall.   1. Fall Florals: Brighten up the fall color palate with some fall florals like this Cassidy Ruffle Blouse by Lost and Wander. 2. Blazer Dressing: Invest in a versatile blazer like this one from Tart Collections. You can pair it with pants for a dressier office look or jeans for a more casual look. If you’re wearing your white boots with denim don’t forget [...]


5 Fashion Staples You Should Absolutely Never Toss

How many times have you peeked into your closet only to find that, despite the rows of hangers before you, you have absolutely nothing to wear? Closet fatigue is a real thing and can hit even the most fashion-forward. I'm not a believer in the "things every woman should own by 30" mentality - we all have our own style, lifestyles and needs, and clothing is never a one-size-fits-all thing. However, I do believe there are certain wardrobe essentials a woman can add as a foundation that will serve her time and time again. The next time you find yourself with nothing to wear, try shopping your own closet. Revisit those fashion staples that may seem boring on their own, but can serve as the necessary building block to your next outfit. If you're still struggling or need some inspiration, come visit [...]


Influencer = Advertiser

This week I thought I would address a topic that needs much addressing: social media influencers. Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, gone down the rabbit hole, and started to compare yourself to them? Trust me, I get it. From “my life is so boring,” to “wow, my closet really does suck,” to “I desperately need to lose some weight,” I’ve been there. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in this spiral of negative thoughts. I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with the term “influencer.” After all, it’s 2018! But, if you’re not, an influencer is someone a brand pays to promote their product, service or experience. This is usually done in exchange for a product, coverage, promotion or direct payment. Before I delve any further, [...]

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Behind the Scenes of My Fort Lauderdale Shoot with United Airlines

I was recently approached by United Airlines to film a segment called “Three Perfect Days in Fort Lauderdale,” which will air on all United flights on August 1.  As a Fort Lauderdale native and self-appointed expert, I was absolutely THRILLED. First off, I feel incredibly honored that they asked me to be their hostess for the day. Secondly, there’s nothing I love more than sharing all of the amazing spots our city has to offer. Between our pristine beaches, boating canals, luxury hotels and restaurants, there truly is no other city like Fort Lauderdale (if I should say so myself). When not I’m not at work, I tend to be more introverted, which a lot of people don’t really know about me. I enjoy doing things geared toward home, and health [...]